Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pounce Lessons

*** Dreamt May 7-8, 2013 ***

We were getting ready go have a Pounce party.  We were at my cousin Sam's house and people were still kind of milling about, but my date, Carrie, didn't know how to play, so she and I were at the table so I could explain the rules to her.  Nick, Sam, and Brandon were all there, but mostly walking about the room and talking.  I was trying to explain the rules by sort of pantomiming how to play, when Nick brought in several decks of rook cards for us to use.

Nick gave me a deck I'd never seen before and I started laying down the cards as if I were really playing, but quickly found that this was a REALLY messed up rook deck.  Instead of Red, Black, Green, and Yellow, the colors included purple and blue.  This made the explanation more complicated because I had to explain that purple goes on red and blue goes on green.  I also found that on each of those wrong colored cards all over them Heather had written the name of the correct color over and over again...presumably to make it easier to know what color it was supposed to be, but really it just made her look crazy.

Suddenly we were no longer at my Sam's but at my parents' house, and my dad came in the room with a whole bunch of decks of rook cards.  So I gave the messed up deck back to Nick and took the ones from my dad.  Among them in a really fancy box I found two decks of special edition Battlestar Gallactica Rook cards.  I was so excited by them.  I called Brandon over to see them, but he'd already seen them, so he didn't really care.  I asked where they got them, and my dad said that Spencer (my cousin's husband) had given them as a Christmas gift last year.  I thought that was just awesome and proceeded to explain how to play.

I was explaining about how to lay down the 4 cards and the pounce pile, but for some reason I was SUPER obsessed with explaining how you could lay down the cards in any order you want.  For example you could (A) lay down the 4 face up cards, then the pounce pile, then flip over 1 more, or (B) count out the pounce pile, then 5 cards face up, or (C) lay down 1 face up then 3 face down, then another face up, then 3 more face down, until you had a total of 5 up and 12 down....I don't know why I thought this point was so important, but it became the focus of my pounce explanation.

Then I woke up.

*** ***

As it turns out, we ARE planning a pounce party at Sam's house and Carrie IS going to be my partner and has never played before, so that explains the basic premise of the dream.  The details, though, are just normal dream insanity.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Harry Potter & The WereSpiders

*** Dreamt May 6-7, 2013 ***

There was a werespider (like werewolves, but spiders) outbreak...and it was spreading FAST.  Like werewolf infections, it was spread by being bit by someone already infected.  Once infected, it was only a short time before an individual would turn into a gigantic (human sized) spider.

Harry Potter, Ron, and Hermione (in my dream played by me, and my friends Corey and April) were frantically searching for clues as to what was going on.  We'd rushed down into Dumbledoore's lab, and found this strange symbol written on the wall.  None of us knew what it meant, but I had the feeling that it was some strange alphabet.  An attack of some sort happened where some spiders came in and Dumbledoore ended up getting killed, but none of us seemed too terribly torn up over it.  After the smoke had cleared we sneaked back into the lab to examine the symbol again, only this time Tom Riddle was with us.  It wasn't long before he started changing into a spider, and while he was in mid trans formation we told him to write out his name using the Spider Alphabet, so that we could use it as a primer to decode the message on the wall.  This he did and we were able to decipher that the symbol on the wall spelled out "Bitten" in the spider alphabet, which was some clue to let us know that Dumbledoore had already been infected.  Then another attack started and I lost consciousness.

When I woke up it was a long time later - presumably months - and things had settled down quite a lot.  The humans and spiders had found a peace, although there were WAY more spiders in the world now than humans.  I discovered that Corey had been bitten so he was now a spider, and as a result April and I were now married -- not exactly sure of the logic there, but it made sense in my dream.  Someone handed me my baby, which was a blonde little girl approximately age 1, that looked a lot like baby pictures of me (except for the blonde hair) and her name was Dana.  I was kinda flabbergasted by the blonde hair and said so.  I asked April about the spider situation and she said that it's way better, although it's still kinda hard being a Ging (apparently the word used for non-spiders) in the city where we lived because it was almost entirely a spider city.  I felt a little unsure about being a family of Gings in a spider city, but felt mostly relieved.

Then I woke up.

*** ***

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Perils of Astral Projection

*** Dreamt Sept 4-5, 2012 ***

My friend Chad's parents had become interested in the church!  We were all elated, and yet kinda nervous that something might burst their spritual bubble.  Even Chad was interested in fact, I believe in my dream he was now an active member.

A big group of us (include Chad's entire family) decided we were going to go down to a diner to talk about the final preparations for Chad's parents to become member of the church.  They'd even invited a few friends who didn't know anything about the church, so we were kinda excited to be able to share with them too.

Suddenly me and another guy there swapped consciousness.  I was in his body and he was in mine.  We excused ourselves from the table so we could talk about what had happened and try to figure it out.  We decided to both focus really hard on swapping back.  There was a brief flash, and suddenly we were back in our own bodies.

We headed back and no sooner had we walked into the room that I was in someone ELSE'S body.  Looking around we realized 4 of us had swapped consciousness this time.  We, again, left the group and tried focusing again, but it didn't work.  We realized 2 things: (A) Each time this happened it was going to be harder and harder to swap back, and (B) the reason for this consciousness swap was because we were all thinking about the same thing, and that was causing our consciousness to somehow move around.  After much more focusing and really concentrating hard we 4 got back to our right bodies.

Then suddenly I was SUPER disoriented.  I was no longer in the diner and I really couldn't figure out what was happening.  Someone in the room was explaining to me that I'd been in a coma for the last 7 years and was just now finally waking up from it.  Several of my friends were there, but they all looked older, and there were piles of "Get Well" and "Sympathy" cards, which were all very nice (I read through a few).

I was told that another big conscious swap had happened, and everybody in the group had to really concentrate as hard as we could to get our consciousnesses to swap back, and when it was over everybody was back in their normal bodies, BUT me and Oscar (Chad's family's chihuahua) were both lying on the ground unconscious.  The group figured that somehow mine and Oscar's consciousnesses had gotten swapped in the big final effort, but that our minds rejected the different species consciousness, so we'd gone into comas.  I asked where Oscar was now and they told me that after about 3 years, Chad's mom had gone crazy with the loss of her beloved dog and had killed him by whacking him in the head with a shovel.

As people were talking to me, I sudden got a vision of where I was in relation to the location of the old diner where the original conscious-swapping occurred, and I felt like I needed to go there.  I grabbed some little kid who was suddenly my little sidekick and we headed for the old diner. 

When we got there we found it was no longer a diner, but a dark, gothic-styled museum/Halloween shop.  There I found Chad's mom wandering around sortof in a haze.  When she saw me my point of view suddenly changed to be right down on the floor looking up at her and she came over to me and said, "Oh! What a sweet little face!", something she always said to her dog Oscar.  I was suddenly filled with panic as to what I looked like.  Did I look like a dog??

I ordered my sidekick to find me a mirror.  He quickly produced a bunch of (presumably stolen) wallets and started rifling through them, looking for a mirror.  As I waited I made my way around the museum/Halloween store and find there were some fun-house-style mirrors.  I knew they'd distort things some, but I was sure I'd be able to see my face relatively well.  I stalled for a few moments then looked.  I looked NOTHING like myself.  My forehead and nose had been flatted considerably, and my eyes were set-apart wider and were very squinty and almost swollen looking.  After I minute I realized that I looked like I'd been whacked in the face with the shovel!!  When Chad's mom had killed Oscar because of the consciousness swap, it must have somehow affected my body as well!!

About then my buddy Eli came over to me to ask me some questions.  I realized that he didn't have any idea who I was, and probably thought I worked there.

Then I woke up.

*** ***

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Of Vandals and Zombies...

Dream #1
*** Dreamt August 15-16, 2012 (approximately 3:00am) ***

I was visiting my old work, which was now a total dump! When I worked there before it was an office building full of cubicles and computers. Now it was an old warehouse which had been converted into a machine shop. It was cool to see several of my old co-workers, and they asked if I could help build an old car engine with them. I said I would, though I don't ever remember actually building it. I was a little worried about my car, because due to limited parking, I had double parked behind a friend of mine.

When we were done for the day we headed outside and I saw that the front wheels had been stolen from my car. Upon closer inspection, I realized it wasn't just the car had been stripped! The doors were gone, the engine was gone, I think the front seats were gone. I'm unsure how I initially only noticed the wheels, but the whole thing was really practically just a frame with back wheels now.

Luckily I had my bicycle (I don't know where this came from, since I'd driven my car there), so I started home. I was somehow talking to people who weren't there as I rode my bike. I asked my buddy Corey if he was still working at that shop and he said he was and that he could come pick me up in the morning if I wanted since I no longer had a car.

I thanked him and my other buddy Eli started fist pumping and stuff because he was so excited that I was going to be working there again.

Then I woke up.

*** ***

Dream #2
*** Dreamt August 15-16, 2012 (approximately 7:00am) ***

I was in my parents' house with at least 4 other people...I don't know who they were. We'd been watching the news about the zombie virus that was spreading and we were getting pretty freaked out. This virus was different than the normal zombie virus, because you could still be a normal functioning human and all of the sudden just get uncontrollable urges to bite people and spread the infection. And that's what we were facing, because at some point we realized that one of the guys there with us had the virus.

Of course, the only treatment for the zombie virus is to kill the host, so me and 2 of the others were planning to kill this guy. He was freaking out, 'cuz he kinda knew we were going to have to kill him, but he wasn't sure, and was crying and panicking and shouting and stuff.

The 2 others told me to bring the infected guy downstairs and they'd join me in a sec to help finish him off, so I brought him down there and he was freaking out and suddenly bent over and bit my arm. For some reason I found myself unable to use my arms and legs so my only recourse was to bend down and bite him back on the crown of his head, and I bit him HARD.

He snapped back, shocked that I'd bitten him, and I looked down and saw that his bite on my arm somehow hadn't broken skin. He paced around the room a few times, shouting about how I'd bitten him WAY harder than he'd bitten me, then he bit me again!! So I bit him back again, and again he got very mad and shocked that I'd bitten him. I grabbed a chair (apparently my arms were now working) and was keeping him at bay like a lion-tamer. I told him to wait there and that I'd be right back.

I ran upstairs to find out what was taking the other 2 guys who were supposed to be helping me kill the zombie, and they were just standing around in the kitchen watching TV. I was SO mad at them. They apologized and said they'd forgot, so we headed back down to kill the zombie guy.

Then I woke up.

*** ***

I know! I haven't posted on here in FOREVER!! A big part of the reason is I haven't been remembering my dreams like I used to, also I'm lazy. But last night I had two crazy dreams, each of which I remembered rather vividly, so I thought I'd make a blog entry for old times sake.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Crazy Weather

*** Dreamt Nov 30-Dec 1, 2011 ***

I was in the Philippines and it was the rainy season. I was at someone's house, and really needed to go visit someone who lived nearby, but on the other side of some fields. The problem was that the weather was CRAZY. Just torrential rain and winds, so people were being warned to stay indoors.

Someone turned on the radio and we could hear the weather report which was reporting both the weather where we were in the Philippines, as well the the weather around the I-15 corridor. I commented to somehow how interesting it is that the Philippines and Utah always seem to have pretty much exactly the same weather.

As the weather report went on, they warned people to stay off the roads, especially the freeways (and as this was going on it was like my dream was showing me a montage of all the places the radio weatherman was talking about). He (the weatherman) said that the freeways were lined with cars pulled-over, and to watch out for the occasional Jawa Sandcrawler. And sure enough, I saw a shot of a freeway scene with TONS of vehicles pulled over to the sides, most of which were sand speeders like Luke Skywalker drove in Star Wars Episode IV, but there were also a couple of huge Jawa Sandcrawlers pulled off the side of the road. I was quite proud of the people of the Philippines for being so good about pulling over due to the inclement weather (literally EVERY vehicle on the freeway was pulled-over).

I decided I REALLY needed to go visit whomever it was I needed to visit. I bundled up and headed out into the storm. As I started making my way through the yard I saw some church officials outside whom I avoided because I knew they'd make me go back inside. The ground was just dirt (no grass or pavement) and was extremely soggy and muddy. Every step I took, I sunk about 2 inches into the mud. Along the fence line I saw a long row of snickerdoodle cookies were on the ground, which were now extremely soggy and bloated-looking. "What a shame THAT is", I thought to myself, and I imagined how delicious a snickerdoodle would be, if it weren't all huge and soggy due to being left out in the rain.

Then I woke up. My television was on (it has an on-off timer that I use for an alarm clock) and a news report was going on about CRAZY high winds that have been gusting around here all morning.

*** ***

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Trip to the Dentist

*** Dreamt Nov 29-30, 2011 ***

I was in Logan with my married friends Corey and April and we were riding our bikes to the dentist. It so happened that we'd scheduled dental appointments at nearly exactly the same time, so we thought it'd be fun to bike-pool there.

On our way, I started noticing a lot of other people walking the same direction as we were riding. It felt like we were having a pied piper effect, and everybody we'd pass would fall in behind us and start walking in the same direction we were headed.

Finally we arrived at the dentist's office, which looked EXACTLY like the building where I worked while I was in college. We took our bikes to the bike rack and Corey chained the 3 bikes down. At about this point I noticed 2 things. First, my bike didn't having any tires on it...I'd been riding on the rims the whole time, but hadn't noticed until just now. Second, all those people who'd been following us (whom I now saw were all bare-footed, long-haired, flower-carrying hippies right out the 60's) were now headed into the dentist's office.

We made our way through the crowds of hippies to the receptionist desk and she told us a research study being performed by the dentist was going on, and that's what all the hippies were there for; to get molds of their teeth made for money. She asked us to take a seat in the waiting area (which was the atrium of my former workplace). As we waited I started noticing how many of the hippies had dogs, and it was a lot! In fact, a lot of the dogs were in various types of wagons and were being pulled by the hippies. I was extremely annoyed at the situation. I started venting to Corey and April, "What kind of people would bring DOGS to a doctor's office?! What are these people THINKING?? They're just walk-ins, we had appointments....why are WE having to wait??"

I went back to the receptionist to complain, when my two friends got called back for their appointments. I then realized that they were going to finish before me, so Corey would want to take his bike chain, leaving my bike alone and un-secured. I explained this to the receptionist and asked if I could bring my bike inside to keep it safe. She replied that if I wanted to, there was a McDonald's down the road where I could keep it inside. But I REALLY didn't want to have to bring it all the way to the McDonald's, so I started getting more frustrated and didn't know what I was going to do.

About that time, a man working there who could see I was stressed came over to try to make me feel better. He was asking if I'd ever been to that dentist before, to which I angrily replied that I'd been going to that dentist since I was a child. Then he started asking me if I knew if the flavor of Kool-Aid he had was good. I looked at it and saw it was Tropical Punch and told him, "yeah, it's a pretty good flavor". He explained that he didn't know much about Kool-Aid, and was very glad he'd picked a good one. He tore open the packet and poured it into a pitcher of water (which he now somehow had), but I noticed he only poured about half of it in and then set it down on the floor. As he continued apologizing for the wait, I reached down, picked up the packet, and dumped the rest into the pitcher. He then, still very apologetically, said something like, "See!? I don't even know how to make the Kool-Aid!!"

And about then I woke up.

*** ***

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Just Flying

*** Dreamt Nov 26-27, 2011 ***

I was flying!! Well...sortof hovering. I would get a running start, then jump up very high, and sort of just stay at the peak of my jump height, but continuing to move forward (love that inertia!). I was experimenting with different heights varying from just a few feet off the ground to the height of telephone poles. Much of my flying, actually, took place in and around power lines...this seems like a precarious place for flying, but I think I liked having something up there by me as I cruised forward in a cross-legged seated position through the air. It was a lot of fun!

I'd been flying around I-15 in Layton, so I stopped by at my friend S'ven's house (which in real life is NOT in Layton). He seemed to already know that I could fly, because he wasn't shocked at all by it. In fact, he suggested I shouldn't fly in such plain sight of the public. I agreed. This needed to be kept on the down low.

I decided the best way to keep it secret was to fly at higher altitudes. So I went outside and prepared to jump higher. I looked at the grass by my feet and jumped as high as I could. It was like being all the way zoomed-in on Google Maps, then mouse-wheeling down really quickly. I was EXTREMELY high and immediately became disoriented of where I was. I could see the Great Salt Lake, and surrounding areas of Northern Utah, but couldn't quite figure out where I'd just been and what, exactly, was directly below me. I needed to descend to a more manageable altitude. I went down, but too fast, 'cuz before I knew it I was back around the power lines again.

And then I woke up.

*** ***