Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pounce Lessons

*** Dreamt May 7-8, 2013 ***

We were getting ready go have a Pounce party.  We were at my cousin Sam's house and people were still kind of milling about, but my date, Carrie, didn't know how to play, so she and I were at the table so I could explain the rules to her.  Nick, Sam, and Brandon were all there, but mostly walking about the room and talking.  I was trying to explain the rules by sort of pantomiming how to play, when Nick brought in several decks of rook cards for us to use.

Nick gave me a deck I'd never seen before and I started laying down the cards as if I were really playing, but quickly found that this was a REALLY messed up rook deck.  Instead of Red, Black, Green, and Yellow, the colors included purple and blue.  This made the explanation more complicated because I had to explain that purple goes on red and blue goes on green.  I also found that on each of those wrong colored cards all over them Heather had written the name of the correct color over and over again...presumably to make it easier to know what color it was supposed to be, but really it just made her look crazy.

Suddenly we were no longer at my Sam's but at my parents' house, and my dad came in the room with a whole bunch of decks of rook cards.  So I gave the messed up deck back to Nick and took the ones from my dad.  Among them in a really fancy box I found two decks of special edition Battlestar Gallactica Rook cards.  I was so excited by them.  I called Brandon over to see them, but he'd already seen them, so he didn't really care.  I asked where they got them, and my dad said that Spencer (my cousin's husband) had given them as a Christmas gift last year.  I thought that was just awesome and proceeded to explain how to play.

I was explaining about how to lay down the 4 cards and the pounce pile, but for some reason I was SUPER obsessed with explaining how you could lay down the cards in any order you want.  For example you could (A) lay down the 4 face up cards, then the pounce pile, then flip over 1 more, or (B) count out the pounce pile, then 5 cards face up, or (C) lay down 1 face up then 3 face down, then another face up, then 3 more face down, until you had a total of 5 up and 12 down....I don't know why I thought this point was so important, but it became the focus of my pounce explanation.

Then I woke up.

*** ***

As it turns out, we ARE planning a pounce party at Sam's house and Carrie IS going to be my partner and has never played before, so that explains the basic premise of the dream.  The details, though, are just normal dream insanity.

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